Unfortunately dental injuries are common in children as they are very active. Very often small chips or fractures of the teeth need not be repaired or require minimal restorative treatment. Larger fractures exposing the nerve of the tooth may require pulpal therapy or a root canal if the damage is extensive. In rare instances a tooth may be extracted if it is fractured below the gum line.

If your child’s adult tooth is knocked out, the tooth should be rinsed gently with cool water by handling the crown of the tooth rather than the root. The tooth should then be placed back in the socket whenever possible or be placed in milk to be transported to the dentist. If milk is not available water can be used. Our office should be contacted immediately as teeth reimplanted within one hour of injury have the best long term prognosis. Knocked out baby teeth are not reimplanted.

Abscesses occur when when the nerve of a tooth is affected by decay or injury causing a localized infection. Abscessed baby teeth are extracted to prevent the spread of the infection to the permanent teeth. Often times an antibiotic will be prescribed prior to the extraction to ensure adequate local anesthesia during the procedure.

In the event of a toothache the tooth should be gently brushed and flossed to ensure removal of any trapped food. A warm salt water rinse and age appropriate dosage of Tylenol or Motrin should be given. Contact our office to schedule an appointment.