Children’s Teeth Specialists

Children are different than adults in many ways. Mostly, they are constantly growing and changing and their mouths are no exception. A pediatric dentist is much like a pediatrician in that they have expertise in managing these transitions. A pediatric dentist has an extra two to three years of advanced training beyond the four years of dental school. During this time they learn about the growth and development of children, behavior management, and how to prepare children for a lifetime of good oral health. Pediatric dentists understand the needs of children at their various developmental stages and are equipped with techniques to provide the best dental experience possible.

Baby Teeth

Human beings have two sets of teeth during their lifetimes and the baby teeth are a lot more than just cute. The primary (baby) teeth have several functions including eating and speech but they have a big job to do as placeholders for their successors, the permanent teeth. In fact, many of the adult teeth start off as a small bud off of the baby tooth. Unfortunately, just like their adult counterparts, primary teeth are subject to dental decay and injury. If untreated, decay and problems in the baby teeth can lead to problems in the permanent teeth as well. Regular dental care can help keep the mouth in optimal health.